What to Expect During Your Recovery from Sleeve Gastrectomy

If you are looking to get a sleeve gastrectomy in Phoenix, you likely have a lot of questions running through your head—many of them about the recovery period. Save for the surgery itself, the recovery period is often the most worrisome for patients. Luckily, it isn’t too rough for most patients. Here is what you should anticipate with recovery from gastric sleeve surgery.

What to Expect During Your Recovery from Sleeve Gastrectomy

What to Expect After Sleeve Surgery

Every patient is unique, and that includes how they respond to surgery and how fast their bodies heal. While there are average timelines for recovery after bariatric surgery in Arizona, yours may differ. Remember to be flexible in your planning and expectations.

Directly After Surgery

As soon as your surgery is complete and you are awake, you will be moved to your recovery space. There, you will be closely monitored for 24 hours. Your medical team will ensure you are safe and utilize pain management medications as needed.

One Week After Surgery

During the first week after your procedure, your gastric sleeve recovery time will be focused on resting, relaxing, and healing. You will need to get up and move throughout the day to keep swelling down and speed up your recovery, but don’t push it. You will be on medications at this time and have limits on activities you can enjoy. However, by the end of this first week, most patients feel well enough to return to desk work. Remember that at this time, you will likely still be on a liquid diet.

One Month After Surgery

The first month after surgery will see you feeling better and better each day. During these weeks, you will likely transition from a liquid diet to incorporating very soft, pureed foods. You will come see the surgeon for checkups, and by the end of this month, you should be cleared for most activities.

Six Months After Surgery

Soon, solid foods will be introduced, and you can continue adding new foods to your diet to ensure they are comfortable for you. Over these months, you will come in for a few more visits t monitor your health. During this time, most patients see rapid weight loss that starts to slow after the initial six months, though it should continue.

Two Years After Surgery

At this point in your gastric sleeve recovery timeline, you should be enjoying slow but steady weight loss, eliminating up to 70 percent of your excess weight by the time two years have passed. It is essential that you continue with diet and exercise changes after your bariatric surgery in Arizona if you want to maintain your results.
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