Orbera Intragastric Balloon in Phoenix Arizona

Are you looking for a temporary, short-term weight loss solution that doesn’t require surgery? The Orbera Intragastric Balloon System might be the option for you.

The Orbera balloon system works by inserting an inflated balloon into the stomach, which takes up space in the stomach to prevent overeating. The patient is guided through a diet and exercise program in order to help the patient make healthier food choices. After six months of having the balloon, the balloon is removed. However, the program doesn’t end when the balloon is removed: the patient is given six additional months of guidance in order to help them continue to make healthy lifestyle choices.

When combined with diet and exercise, the Orbera Intragastric Balloon does an even better job of helping patients lose over 3x the weight than just diet and exercise alone.

Orbera Balloon Placement

The Orbera balloon is a single balloon inserted in the stomach orally, without surgery. The patient is mildly sedated in order to make the procedure safe and easy. The balloon is placed in the stomach via the mouth, then inflated with a saline solution through a syringe.

The balloon is ultimately the size of a grapefruit and takes space in the stomach, making it harder for patients to eat as much food.

Orbera Balloon Removal

The balloon is very easy for a trained specialist to remove and is done in about twenty minutes. A small catheter tube is inserted into the stomach orally, which contains a syringe. The syringe then punctures the balloon to deflate it. Then, the deflated balloon is removed from the stomach by way of the mouth.

Simple Design

ORBERATM is an elegantly simple non-surgical weight loss solution. The balloon enforces portion control by making it harder to consume large quantities of food in one sitting. After 6 months of expert guidance with the balloon, ORBERATM is removed while you continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To help patients lose the most amount of weight possible, you will also be coached to help you develop positive and healthy eating habits. The coaching lasts 12 months, 6 months longer than the balloon is actually in the stomach.

The goal for all patients is not a quick fix, but to exit the program with a new set of healthy eating habits. To learn more about the ORBERA balloon system and whether or not it’s right for you, schedule a consultation with one of our experts at Weight Loss Institute of Arizona!

FAQs about Orbera Intragastric Balloon

At your consultation, we will go over the preparation steps for Orbera insertion in depth. Some steps you can expect include taking acid reducers, avoiding aspirin, and going on a liquid diet for about 4 days before the procedure. We will tailor your preparation guide to your needs.
Yes, but this is extremely rare. These balloons are designed to withstand significant pressure, and their inflation with saline doesn’t generate enough to pose a risk, even with air travel. However, it is possible for them to burst in events such as car accidents or with a powerful blow to the stomach.
Most people should rest for about 3 days after insertion. From there, they need to listen to their body to decide on what they are comfortable with. As long as you follow your post-procedure diet correctly, you should find that you are feeling great after about one week.
This can vary and changes from year to year. We want you to have the most accurate information possible, and that is why we quote prices at your consultation. During this time, we can factor in all the variables and help you with insurance and financing.