Types of Weight Loss Surgery

Have you been struggling for years to lose weight without any meaningful or long-term success? Weight loss surgery in Tucson might be the solution you need. These procedures help to reduce caloric intake, resulting in a significant change in BMI.

Of course, to see success, you need to select the right weight loss procedure for you.

With so many options, you might feel overwhelmed at the prospect of making a choice. To make it easier, let’s look at the five surgeries you are most likely to be offered.

Types of Weight Loss Surgery

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Also called the gastric sleeve, this is one of the most popular weight loss surgery options available today. With sleeve gastrectomy, around 80% of the stomach is removed and the rest formed into a small pouch. This helps to make the patient feel full sooner, resulting in fewer calories being consumed. Additionally, the portion of the stomach that secretes for hunger hormone, ghrelin, is also eliminated, so the patient feels less drive to overeat.

Gastric Bypass

This is an older procedure but it continues to be seen as the gold standard for those with morbid obesity, especially when accompanied by other conditions, such as diabetes. With this type of weight loss surgery, the stomach is divided into two sections, with one creating a pouch. The rest of the stomach is bypassed by connecting this pouch to the small intestine. This reduces the amount of food you need to eat before you feel full, and it also hinders caloric absorption, allowing for more significant weight loss.

Duodenal Switch With Biliopancreatic Diversion

This surgery involves moving the duodenum—the first part of the small intestine—to be further along the ileum—the lower part of the small intestine—and removes part of the stomach. In addition to this alteration, the gall bladder is removed. This helps to limit food intake plus reduce the number of calories absorbed and the amount of ghrelin produced.

Gastric Band

This is the first surgery on our list that does not permanently alter the digestive tract. Instead, a removable band is placed around the stomach, creating two separate pouches, limiting the amount of food that can be eaten at one time. The band itself is connected to a device that allows the tightness to be adjusted in your doctor’s office. While it is removable, it is perfectly fine to keep the gastric band in place for life.

Gastric Balloon

If you want something that isn’t just removable but is designed to be temporary, the gastric balloon might work for you. While it does not cause as much weight loss as other procedures, it can help those who are struggling to jumpstart their process. With this, a balloon, or series of balloons, is placed inside the stomach and inflated with a saline solution. This reduces stomach capacity. Then, after six months, it is removed.

To decide which weight loss surgery in Tucson is right for you, schedule your consultation.