Things to Consider Before Getting Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is a disease that greatly harms your health and quality of life. But before getting bariatric surgery in Tucson, you need to fully understand the procedure, the post-surgery experience, and your alternatives. Let’s jump into the top 10 things you need to consider.

Surgery Is Not the First Step

If you are ready to lose weight, getting bariatric surgery in Tucson is not the first or even second step on your journey. You need to start by dieting and exercising, and if this doesn’t make the difference you are looking for, work with an endocrinologist. If this doesn’t deliver results, then consider surgery.

Bariatric Surgery Recovery Can Be Tough

During the first weeks after surgery, things can be difficult. While this isn’t always the case, some people really struggle with the post-surgery diet, low energy, and soreness. Keep in mind that the weight loss surgery recovery timeline varies between patients and procedures.

Emotions Might Run Wild

There are a lot of emotions caught up in weight loss surgery, from excitement to anxiety. Expect to experience ups and downs both before your procedure and after, but know that these even out with time.

Weight Loss Will Plateau

While at first, it will feel like you are losing a crazy amount of weight—average weight loss per week after gastric sleeve is initially around 3 pounds—this will slow down and even stop, possibly multiple times during your journey.

Your Appetite and Palate Can Change Dramatically

In terms of what to expect after bariatric surgery, this one is pretty, well, expected. With most procedures, you will find your appetite is reduced. Additionally, most patients notice that their palate changes, sometimes in very significant ways.

Weight Loss Surgery Isn’t a Shortcut

While the media often treats it as such, weight loss surgery isn’t the easy way out. It is a tool in your arsenal. If you don’t adjust your diet and exercise properly, at best, you will see short-term results.

You Need to Do the Mental Work

Most people with obesity have a harmful relationship with food. Surgery doesn’t alter this. If you want to make a lifelong change, you have to do the mental work as well. We suggest partnering with a therapist specializing in eating disorders.

You May Need Supplements for Life

With gastric bypass, your body’s ability to absorb calories and nutrients changes. Because of this, you have to take supplements for the rest of your life. Without them, you will be in poor health.

You Can Relapse

After gastric sleeve surgery in Arizona, or any other weight loss procedure, there is a risk of relapse. This occurs when the patient overeats and stretches their stomach or finds ways around their limited stomach capacity.

The Whole Family Should Be on Board

While your weight is your responsibility, when the family isn’t on board with change, it can sabotage efforts. Work to get everyone involved and excited about the changes to come.

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