Myths You Need to Know About Lap-Band Surgery

If you are battling chronic obesity, bariatric surgery may be an essential weapon in your fight. One option available to you is the Lap-Band® bariatric system.

This weight loss surgery in Tucson is ideal for many patients. However, many people are afraid to get this laparoscopic surgery thanks to common myths floating around about it. Here are the ones you are most likely to encounter and the truth behind the rumors.

Myths You Need to Know About Lap-Band Surgery

Myth: The Lap-Band Is Forever

This misconception is understandable, given most weight loss surgeries are for life. However, the Lap-Band actually isn’t permanent. While you might want to keep yours forever, you also have the option to remove it for any reason.

Myth: The Lap-Band Is Just a Weight Loss Gimmick

The weight loss industry is filled with gimmicky products that promise quick solutions to obesity but never result in losing more than a few pounds. It’s easy to assume that something like the Lap-Band would be just another novelty product. However, it is a surgery that has been in use for decades with documented success stories and FDA approval. While it might seem too good to be true, it is a legitimate option for significant weight loss.

Myth: After the Lap-Band, It’s a Liquid Diet for Life

With all forms of bariatric surgery, if you want to see long-term results, you have to make the lifestyle changes that support it. This means you will need to alter your diet. Your Lap-Band diet after surgery will be liquid, but not for long. Usually, this is just for two weeks. Once those two weeks are over, you steadily move back towards a normal diet, though still altered from what you maintained prior to surgery, ensuring reduced caloric intake.

Myth: Weight Loss With the Lap-Band Is Unhealthy

People often think rapid weight loss is inherently unhealthy. However, that depends on how that weight loss is attained. Starvation diets are never healthy, but caloric restriction monitored by a doctor is safe. With the Lap-Band, you will likely experience pretty rapid weight loss at first, especially while on the liquid diet, but this will slow to a more steady, and healthy, pace quickly. How much weight you can lose with the Lap-Band will depend on how well you maintain your healthier lifestyle.

Myth: The Lap-Band Isn’t Suited to Morbidly Obese People

How overweight do you have to be for lap band surgery? So long as your BMI is over 35 with a comorbidity or over 40 without one, you are a candidate for Lap-Band surgery. This includes those who have extreme morbid obesity, with BMIs of 50 and higher. While you can be too thin for Lap-Band surgery, you cannot be too big for it unless your health prevents surgery.

Myth: Lap-Band Patients Never Keep the Weight Off

With any form of bariatric surgery in Phoenix, there will be patients who regain the weight they lose. This doesn’t mean the surgery doesn’t work; it means the patient was unable to stick to their weight loss plan. The majority of people with the Lap-Band will maintain their weight loss over the long term.

Don’t let myths stop you from getting Lap-Band surgery in Phoenix. Schedule your consultation to get the facts about this surgery.