Myths about Obesity & Bariatric Surgery

The Myths Surrounding Obesity & Bariatric Surgery

The myths and misconceptions that exist about obesity and bariatric surgery that make it impossible for individuals to pursue a healthier lifestyle.  Bariatric surgery in Arizona has proven to be beneficial in helping patients lose weight and reverse obesity-related health conditions.  Below are some myths and misconceptions about obesity and bariatric surgery.

Myths about Obesity & Bariatric Surgery

Common Myths about Obesity & Weight Loss Surgery

Myth: Bariatric surgery is a quick and easy solution to rapid weight loss for an obese person

Bariatric surgery is designed to help individuals who are severely obese achieve their weight loss goals.  The surgery alone is not enough; the individual must commit to making lifestyle changes such as dieting and exercising to prevent weight gain post-surgery.

Myth: People who are severely obese are lazy, and got there because of their laziness and lack of willingness to change.

People who are severely obese suffer from obesity and in most cases; they have tried to lose weight with little to no success.  Bariatric surgery is the only other option left for them should they wish to become healthier.

Myth: Weight loss achieved by bariatric surgery will fix all your obesity-related health issues

Obesity-related health conditions such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension can be reversed through weight loss thereby improving your overall health.  Rapid weight loss can cause health issues such as loss of muscle and low metabolism.

Myth: Insurance does not pay for bariatric surgery

Many insurance providers pay for weight loss surgery even though the coverage varies from state to state. Many plans will cover morbid obesity especially when it poses health risks to the patient. Find out from your insurer if they cover the surgery and what costs are excluded.

Myth: Some bariatric surgeries prevent proper nutrition

Some bariatric surgeries indeed have an impact on how your body absorbs some nutrients and you will therefore have to take supplements.  When you follow the nutritional guidelines given by your doctor, you should not worry about not getting enough nutrients.

Myth: Bariatric surgery is dangerous

All forms of surgeries have risks associated with them and bariatric surgery is no exception.   There have been a number of advances that have helped minimize the risks. Weight loss surgery Tucson are well trained and experienced.  Having weight loss surgery will also help you reverse life-threatening conditions linked to obesity.

Myth: All types of bariatric surgeries involve the reduction of stomach size

There are a variety of weight-loss surgeries some of which involve the reduction of stomach size and others involve the creation of a bypass in the digestive tract, all of which affect the way nutrients and calories are absorbed.