Lifestyle After Weight Loss Surgery

Getting bariatric surgery in Phoenix can be the event that allows you to start a new era in your life. However, surgery is never a quick fix or a solitary solution; it must be combined with lifestyle changes if you want to see lasting results.
What does this mean for you? While this will vary between patients, here is what you should generally anticipate in terms of lifestyle changes after weight loss surgery.

Lifestyle After Weight Loss Surgery

You Will Be More Active

As soon as you are recovered from your Phoenix bariatric surgery, you will need to start a regular exercise program. The goal is to build your muscle mass while burning fat. Weight loss after bariatric surgery tends to make being active easier since you won’t be carrying around quite as much weight. You have a lot of options for staying fit after your surgery.Some popular options include:
• Swimming
• Walking
• Jogging
• Hiking
• Aerobics
• Bodyweight training

However, you can do pretty much whatever interests you. If you want to get into weight lifting after gastric bypass or try barre fitness, you are more than welcome to give either a shot.

You’ll Be More Mindful When Eating

While you will initially be on a liquid diet directly after surgery, you will work your way back to solid foods. Still, you will always need to focus on eating well after weight loss surgery—that is a change you need to make for life. Permanent changes you should anticipate making include:
• Reducing sugar intake
• Eliminating soda and most carbonated beverages
• Eating smaller portions
• Relying less on snacking

Often, it is fairly easy to follow this long-term diet after gastric bypass surgery because you tend to experience less hunger after the changes to the stomach.

You’ll Change Things About Yourself

We tend to think about weight loss as a physical endeavor, but in truth, the majority of the work you’ll do is in your head. From changing your mindset to repairing your relationship with food to consciously modifying your habits, there are things you’ll need to change about yourself in order to change your weight. Some behavioral changes you likely will need to make include:
• Eating to live rather than living to eat
• Cooking at home instead of eating out
• Drinking more water throughout the day
• Opting for more physical activities whenever possible
• Walking instead of driving
• Finding sources of comfort outside of food

Whether you get Lap-Band surgery in Arizona or gastric sleeve in Tucson, quality results depend on you more than they do your surgeon. To learn more about how life has to change after surgery, schedule your consultation.