Is Weight-Loss Surgery Effective Long Term?

By now, we have all heard the stories about people who got bariatric surgery, lost tons of weight, then a few years later had gained it all back. These tales are usually presented as proof that weight loss surgery is nothing more than a gimmick, no different than a tummy-trimming tea.

However, some people not enjoying lasting results says nothing about the effectiveness of gastric bypass, sleeve, and lap-band surgery in Arizona. Here are the facts you need to know.

Is Weight-Loss Surgery Effective Long Term?

Different Types of Surgery See Different Results

There are multiple types of stomach surgery for weight loss. Each one has its pros and cons and different rates of long-term success at keeping the weight off. The big three are:

• Gastric bypass
• Gastric sleeve
• Gastric band

There is one universal truth about each of these surgeries: they have all been proven through clinical trials and long-term case studies to facilitate weight loss. When comparing these weight loss surgeries vs. diet and exercise, the surgeries consistently see greater long-term success.

Long-Term Efficacy of Gastric Bypass

Out of the big three weight loss surgeries, gastric bypass has seen the greatest percentage of patients who lose weight and keep it off for five years or more. While the weight loss tends to stall after two years, most patients lose the majority of all of their excess weight in that time.

Long-Term Efficacy of Gastric Sleeve

The long-term success rate of gastric sleeve is slightly less than that of gastric bypass. Additionally, patients are a bit more prone to gaining the weight back after about two years. However, through lifestyle changes, it is still possible to maintain weight loss long term.

Long-Term Efficacy of Gastric Band

This form of weight loss surgery in Arizona is the least successful in the long term, but patients still often see lasting success. Generally, lack of success comes from patients choosing to work around the limits the band creates by drinking their calories instead of eating them, or eating many small meals throughout the day and night.

Which Weight Loss Surgery Is Right for You?

Ultimately, there is a lot more that goes into selecting the right weight loss surgery in Arizona than the long-term effectiveness on other patients. To determine if you are better off with one over the other, you need to speak with a bariatric surgeon. Schedule your consultation today to get started.