How Obesity and Fatty Liver Disease Are Linked

Obesity is a significant problem in the United States, driving a high demand for weight loss surgery in Arizona and elsewhere. There are many conditions obesity can cause, but one that people don’t often know about is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

Fatty liver disease has become more prevalent in recent years and can lead to serious health problems, such as cirrhosis of the liver and organ failure. This blog post will focus on how obesity and fatty liver disease are linked.

How Obesity and Fatty Liver Disease Are Linked

What Is the Connection Between Fatty Liver and Obesity?

Fatty liver disease occurs when fat accumulates inside the cells of the liver instead of outside them where it belongs. The accumulation begins with an inflammatory response triggered by high levels of sugar or cholesterol in your bloodstream; these substances overwhelm your body’s ability to process them appropriately, which leads to fat being stored in your liver cells rather than metabolized.

High levels of sugar and cholesterol in the blood are not exclusively found in those with obesity. However, those who are overweight or obese are more likely to have too much sugar and cholesterol in their blood. Thus, fatty liver occurs more in those who are at least overweight.

How Can You Tell if You Have Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease?

This is a great question to ask, but one without such a great answer. The truth is that most people with fatty liver disease from obesity have no symptoms until the condition progresses into cirrhosis. The symptoms that are most common are fatigue and abdominal discomfort. For those who are overweight, fatigue is easy to write off as just low energy due to not moving as much as they used to, making abdominal pain the most likely symptom to lead to a diagnosis.

Combating Fatty Liver Disease

One of the only ways to end obesity-related liver disease is to lose weight. Gastric sleeve surgery in Arizona can help with this. A fatty liver may sound like a minor issue, but it can be dangerous when allowed to worsen and progress into other diseases.

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