How Gastric Bypass Reverses Obesity

Obesity is a dangerous and deadly epidemic that affects the lives of many. It can lead to other health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Gastric bypass is one way in which obesity can be reversed, and this blog post will explain how it works!

How Gastric Bypass Is Performed

To understand how gastric bypass works, you need to know how it is performed. The most common way in which gastric bypass is performed takes about two hours and requires an overnight stay at the hospital.

First, the doctor will make four small incisions, two on each side of the body (two below the rib cage and two above). Next, using special tools that help them see inside their patient’s stomach cavity, the doctor will then divide the stomach into two sections: one that will no longer be used, and one that will.

From there, they will attach the intestine directly to this smaller section of the stomach, allowing it to bypass the uppermost portion of the intestines. Then, that upper portion will be routed to the part of the stomach that is no longer being used. Thus, the bypass part of the burger.

How Gastric Bypass Surgery Promotes Weight Loss

This surgery makes it so that a person only eats small meals and is able to digest them more easily. It also decreases their appetite because of the impact it has on ghrelin, which has benefits such as reducing food cravings (which can lead people towards sugar-coated or fatty foods like doughnuts or fries). It also causes the body to absorb fewer calories from what you eat.

Does Gastric Bypass Always Work?

Unfortunately, even though the surgery itself is highly effective in helping people lose weight and keep it off, there are other factors that can play into whether or not someone will be able to maintain their results. That includes things like having discipline with following a healthy diet (like eating lots of vegetables), exercising regularly, getting enough sleep each night (which helps your metabolism stay up all day long), and developing coping mechanisms if you struggle with emotional eating.

Is weight loss surgery effective long term? This all depends on the patient. Just know there is a lot you can do to ensure long-term success after your procedure.

Gastric bypass isn’t for everyone, but it might be the right option for you. To learn more about gastric bypass surgery in Phoenix, schedule your consultation.