How Do I Choose a Bariatric Surgeon and Center?

Guide to Finding the Right Bariatric Surgeon

Bariatric surgery is also known as weight loss surgery has proven to be beneficial in helping individuals lose weight and manage obesity-related conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, and fatty liver disease among others. Once you have decided to have the surgery, choosing a healthcare facility and surgeon can be challenging. Below are factors you should consider before making the decision.

How Do I Choose a Bariatric Surgeon and Center?

Choosing a healthcare facility

There are several considerations you need to make before choosing a facility where the surgery will be conducted such as:

  • Bariatric center credentials: Choose a center that is accredited and where you will receive excellent care that is safer and more effective from a surgeon who is board certified.  The center should also have a history of having conducted successful surgeries. Before being accredited, the center must pass a thorough site inspection, its entire staff will be interviewed and its documents will be reviewed to determine if they meet the set standards.
  • Available care and support: bariatric surgery is not a one-time thing.  Choose a center that provides comprehensive care since what happens after the surgery has an impact on your ability to achieve your weight loss goals. The center should have nutritionists, psychologists, pulmonologists, cardiologists, and other medical specialists trained in bariatric care.
  • Availability of patient education: While the success of any bariatric procedure is dependent on the skills and experience of the attending medical team, patient education also plays a key role.  The center should provide you with pre-surgical and post-surgical education to prepare you for what to expect.

Choosing a surgeon 

The role of carrying out the surgery should be left to trained bariatric surgeons to minimize complications even though a general surgeon can still do the job.  Make the following considerations when choosing a surgeon:

  • Training and experience: choose a surgeon who specializes in bariatric surgery and is board certified.  When you’re operated on by bariatric specialist phoenix, your success rates go up.  A high-quality surgeon will also be willing to answer all your questions about the surgery.
  • Insurance coverage:  Select a surgeon who is part of your insurance providers’ network so that the cost can be covered by your provider.
  • Teamwork: Find out if your surgeon will work alone or with a team. Availability of a team means that you will be able to receive round-the-clock care.

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