Coughing After Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgery is often the last resort for people who are struggling with obesity. The operation can be a life-changing experience, but it doesn’t come without side effects.

One such side effect is postoperative coughing. In some cases, this cough may not subside after weeks or months post-surgery. Although this complication might sound scary, it’s actually more common than you think, and there are ways to prevent and manage the condition. Here’s what you should know about coughing after gastric sleeve surgery in Arizona.

Coughing After Bariatric Surgery

Some Coughing Is Normal

Not all coughing after bariatric surgery is concerning. After all, we all cough from time to time. So, if you find yourself coughing a bit after surgery, it could be due to throat irritation, dehydration, allergies, or just the typical tickle in the throat.

Persistent Coughing Is Usually Acid Reflux

Developing a persistent cough is annoying under most circumstances, but the pandemic, could send you into a panic attack. Don’t worry; this is likely something far more benign.

If you have a persistent cough after gastric sleeve, this is most likely due to acid reflux. Since gastric sleeves and most other bariatric surgeries make major alterations to the digestive tract, they commonly trigger acid reflux. When acid comes out of the stomach and into the throat, it triggers the body’s need to cough.

How to Stop Coughing After Gastric Surgery

We don’t suggest treating a cough after weight loss surgery on your own. Not all medications are safe to take, especially in those first weeks when your stomach is healing. Instead, contact your bariatric surgeon. They will be able to help you determine what acid suppressors will help you and prescribe cough suppressants if they feel this would help.

If you are considering gastric bypass in Phoenix or any other weight loss surgery, it is important that you know what to expect. The best way to prepare yourself is to sit down and speak with a surgeon.

Contact our team at Weight Loss Institute of Arizona if you are ready to take the next step in your weight loss journey. We provide personalized care when patients undergo bariatric surgery in Arizona, like lap band or gastric bypass, because we know how difficult it is to deal with all the changes after having something as serious as major abdominal surgery. Let us help you feel better and stay on track.