Choosing the Right Bariatric Surgery Procedure

Find the Right Bariatric Surgery Procedure

After deciding to undergo bariatric surgery, it’s important to know that while all surgeries help you lose weight, not all of them are the same. Finding the right procedure will require you to have a sit-down with your bariatric surgeon who will evaluate your medical conditions, history, and expectations.  Below is a discussion of the various types of surgeries to help you decide the best weight loss surgery for you.

Gastric bypass surgery

When you undergo a gastric bypass or any gastric surgery in Arizona, the surgeon will divide your stomach into two parts. The upper section will be sealed and the lower section is directly connected to the small intestine thereby bypassing a larger section of the stomach.

Pros: it leads to raid weight loss that continues two years post-surgery and helps improve obesity-related conditions such as diabetes.  It’s also ideal for people with severe reflux disease and a higher BMI.

Cons: Since your body is not absorbing food as it used to, you’re at risk of not getting enough nutrients.  You should therefore follow a strict diet and take all your supplements.

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery (gastric sleeve)

When you undergo gastric sleeve Arizona, the surgeon will remove a large section of your stomach making it smaller.

Pros: It is much safer as it has a lower risk rate. It’s ideal for individuals who have had multiple abdominal surgeries before, people who are extremely overweight, and those who are receiving treatment for psychiatric illnesses.

Cons: it’s much harder to revise into another type of surgery such as duodenal switch, in case of inadequate weight loss. It also cannot be revised into a gastric bypass very easily.

Duodenal switch

When conducting a duodenal switch at bariatric surgery Phoenix, the surgeon will cut out a portion of your stomach to form a sleeve and then do gastric bypass surgery. This provides the patients with an opportunity to lose more weight. This is a high-risk surgery that should only be done by an experienced surgeon at an accredited center.

Pros: it helps one lose more weight compared to the other types of bariatric surgery.  It’s ideal for people with severe obesity, severe metabolic disease, and those who are good at following the doctor’s orders.

Cons: The malabsorption caused by the surgery makes malnutrition a very real possibility. Make sure to take your multivitamins and get enough protein.

Adjustable Gastric Band

The surgeon will use an inflatable band to divide the stomach into two sections that are still connected.  The upper pouch will empty slowly into the lower pouch.

Pros: It’s very simple and much safer compared to other bariatric surgeries. It also has a shorter recovery time and can be reversed.

Cons: The weight loss is very minimal compared to other forms of bariatric surgeries and it’s also possible to regain the weight lost. You can develop complications when the band becomes loose, slips out of place, or leaks.