Can You Reverse Lap Band Surgery?

Is lap band surgery reversible?

This is a question many people have before heading into surgery. While the goal is to keep the band in place for life, patients often want reassurance that lap band removal is possible if they end up unhappy with their results. Let’s take a look at if the gastric band is reversible.

Can You Reverse Lap Band Surgery?

Most Bariatric Surgeries Are Permanent

The majority of weight loss surgeries make permanent alterations to the body. For example, if you choose to get gastric sleeve surgery in Arizona, the majority of your stomach will be forever removed from your body. If you decide you aren’t a fan of the reduced stomach capacity, there really isn’t anything to be done about it.

The same is true with gastric bypass in Phoenix. While revision is possible, going back to the way things were is not.

Lap Band Surgery Is Different

The lap band is not meant to be removed in the same way the gastric balloon is. With this procedure, a balloon is placed in the stomach, inflated, and left in place for six months, then removed. However, lap band surgery is reversible.

The lap band is a device that is placed around the stomach, and it has a port attached to it that is used to inflate the band. All parts of the device go into place without making any permanent alterations to the organs. So, if needed, it can be removed.

However, Removal Isn’t Always Simple

Lap band revision may be a better option than removal when possible. This is because scar tissue can grow around the lap band. With a revision, the band may just need to be adjusted a bit. With removal, your surgeon may need to cut away a lot of scar tissue to remove it without harming the stomach.

If there is minimal to no scar tissue, removing the gastric band is pretty easy; the doctor just makes some incisions, inflates the abdominal cavity, unclips the band, and removes it.

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