What to Expect During Your Recovery from Sleeve Gastrectomy
If you are looking to get a sleeve gastrectomy in Phoenix, you likely have a lot of questions running through your head—many of them about the recovery period. Save for the surgery itself, the recovery period is often the most worrisome for patients. Luckily, it isn’t too rough for most
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Myths You Need to Know About Lap-Band Surgery
If you are battling chronic obesity, bariatric surgery may be an essential weapon in your fight. One option available to you is the Lap-Band® bariatric system. This weight loss surgery in Tucson is ideal for many patients. However, many people are afraid to get this laparoscopic surgery thanks to common
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Lifestyle After Weight Loss Surgery
Getting bariatric surgery in Phoenix can be the event that allows you to start a new era in your life. However, surgery is never a quick fix or a solitary solution; it must be combined with lifestyle changes if you want to see lasting results.What does this mean for you?
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Is Weight-Loss Surgery Effective Long Term?
By now, we have all heard the stories about people who got bariatric surgery, lost tons of weight, then a few years later had gained it all back. These tales are usually presented as proof that weight loss surgery is nothing more than a gimmick, no different than a tummy-trimming
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Is Weight Loss Surgery Covered by insurance?
If you are considering getting surgery from a weight loss clinic in Arizona, there are so many variables to consider. There is the mental preparation, the time off work, and arranging for help at home during your recovery. However, one of the biggest—and most intimidating—aspects to consider is how to
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Gastric Bypass vs. Gastric Sleeve: What's the Difference
At this point, you’ve likely been struggling with your weight for years, if not decades. Now, you are ready for bariatric surgery in Phoenix. The only question left is: Which type of bariatric surgery is correct for you?Each option comes with its benefits and risks. When deciding between gastric bypass
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When does insurance cover revision surgery?
Does Insurance Cover Revision Surgery? The number of people undergoing weight loss surgery has been on the rise. While some surgeries have been successful, there have been instances when a revision is necessary.  In this case, revision is defined as a change or modification of previous surgery.  The revision can
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Myths about Obesity & Bariatric Surgery
The Myths Surrounding Obesity & Bariatric Surgery The myths and misconceptions that exist about obesity and bariatric surgery that make it impossible for individuals to pursue a healthier lifestyle.  Bariatric surgery in Arizona has proven to be beneficial in helping patients lose weight and reverse obesity-related health conditions.  Below are
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How Do I Choose a Bariatric Surgeon and Center?
Guide to Finding the Right Bariatric Surgeon Bariatric surgery is also known as weight loss surgery has proven to be beneficial in helping individuals lose weight and manage obesity-related conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, and fatty liver disease among others. Once you have decided to have the surgery,
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Find the Right Bariatric Surgery Procedure After deciding to undergo bariatric surgery, it’s important to know that while all surgeries help you lose weight, not all of them are the same. Finding the right procedure will require you to have a sit-down with your bariatric surgeon who will evaluate your
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